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Tripp Lite SmartRack 42U NEMA 12 IP54 Standard Depth Rack Enclosure Cabinet for Harsh Environments by Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite SmartRack 42U NEMA 12 IP54 Standard Depth Rack Enclosure Cabinet for Harsh Environments Image

$ 5,060.63 No sales tax on VA orders

Key Features

  • 42U rack enclosure cabinet
  • Built-in removable dust filters that can be replaced with standard furnace filters
  • NEMA 12 (IP54) rating for protection from falling dirt, dust, drips, and etc
  • Withstands extreme movement and vibrations of heavy and machinery
  • 6 cable ports allow cable access while maintaining dust and moisture resistance
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The SmartRack 42U NEMA 12 (IP54) Standard-Depth Rack Enclosure Cabinet protects sensitive electronic equipment from harsh conditions that would overwhelm a typical rack enclosure, including falling dirt, dust, drips and splashes. It is ideal for use in factories, construction areas, utility plants, warehouses and other areas high in moisture, dust and debris. The enclosure has a NEMA 12 protection rating, which is equivalent to IP54.

That means it can protect your equipment from falling dirt, dust, drips, splashes and accidental contact with personnel. The front and rear doors have ventilating louvers instead of open mesh. They also have a sealing gasket around the door frames.

On the front door there are built-in dust filters. The filters are removable and they can be replaced with standard furnace filters - they're simple, inexpensive and effective. To compensate for the added air resistance of the filters, there are 12 large, high performance fans to the rear door. The fans pull air through the enclosure, from front to rear. The roof of the enclosure is sealed with a cap that keeps drips and falling dirt from getting inside the enclosure.

Since the doors and top are sealed, cable access is provided through 6 cable ports - 2 in the roof, 2 below the rear door, and 2 in the unit floor. They allow cables to pass through, but they block the area around the cables maintaining the NEMA 12 protection. The enclosure may be subjected to extreme vibrations and movements produced by vehicles and machinery.

The heavy-duty steel frame supports up to 1360 kgs. The large-diameter industrial casters also support up to 1360 kgs, which means you can move the enclosure fully loaded. This is useful where you can install all your equipment in a clean environment, close the enclosure and wheel it to the dirty environment with all your equipment already protected.

After the enclosure is in place, the levelers allow you to compensate for minor floor variations and make sure everything is stable. If you need to build a data center in the middle of your factory floor, you can do it with this enclosure. It's perfect for locations like factories, power stations, construction areas, shipping facilities, warehouses, processing plants, transport hubs and anywhere you need to protect equipment in a harsh working environment.

WARRANTY 2 years manufacturers warranty
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$ 5,060.63