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Adesso SlimTouch 4010 Wireless Remote Control by Adesso

Adesso SlimTouch 4010 Wireless Remote Control Image

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Key Features

  • Adesso Wireless Remote Control
  • Powered by only 2 AAA batteries
  • Last up to 480 hours of constant use
  • Provides convenient to control from up to 30 feet away
  • Suitable for a computer, smart TV, Android TV Box, projector, or gaming console
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Take control of your Computer, Smart TV, Android TV Box, Projector gaming consoles in the palm of your hand with the Adesso WKB-4010UB Wireless Air Mouse Remote! With the Wireless 2.4 GHz Technology, you can be up to 30 feet away & still access various shortcuts on your computer just like your standard mouse, browse the internet on your Smart TV, search for your favorite songs, navigate to your favorite shows...etc.

No matter if you simply browsing your computer or relaxing at home enjoying your Smart TV, you can freely navigate as a mouse, control media and volume controls. While holding a meeting that involves a Power Point Presentation or any documents, utilize the built-in laser pointer and highlight the main points in your presentation. With the Adesso Wireless Air Mouse Remote you can sit, relax, present, or enjoy entertainment the way it was meant to be! This is the perfect device for your Computer, Smart TV, Android TV Box, Projector, Playstation and Xbox gaming consoles.

30 Ft. Range with 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency Wireless Technology

This Wireless Remote Air mouse remote works at any angle with a range of up to 30 ft. with no wires to get tangled.

A Portable, Elegant design with over 10 Convenient Multimedia Hot Keys

Perfectly designed for single hand operation comfortable to the touch and convenient to control from 30 feet away. You can also select from numerous Multimedia Hot keys such as Page Up, Page down, volume controls, and mouse controls while browsing the internet on your smart TV, or using your laptop or PC.

Low Power Consumption Design

Powered by only 2 AAA batteries which can last up to 480 hours of constant use. Also features an auto sleep which saves battery life and a one-button wake up using the directional keys for convenience.

Perfect Family Internet & Multimedia Entertainment Solution

Watch Internet TV programs on your Smart TV, Android TV Box, or computer, and navigate through your media, channels,

Works As Air Mouse

No matter if you are holding a meeting, having a class, training of giving a speech, you can move freely and interact with your audience by perfect control of the big screen, home theatre movies, and Powerpoint Presentations within a distance of 30 feet. Freeley move your WKB-4010 up/down or left/right while you watch your cursor moving on your screen.

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