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Alphacool NexXxoS V.2 XT45 Full Copper 280mm Radiator - Black by Alphacool

Alphacool NexXxoS V.2 XT45 Full Copper 280mm Radiator - Black Image

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Key Features

  • Full Copper Radiator
  • Compatible with 2 x 140mm fans
  • 12 Fins per inch
  • Connector thread G 1/4"
  • Pressure tested: 1.5bar
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Alphacool is an internationally renowned company in the field of water cooling solutions for industrial and end customers. It is constantly developing, innovating and improving products to ensure that cooling is done efficiently whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing.

Uncompromising choice of materials
As usual, Alphacool uses pure copper for the NexXxoS V.2 radiators. The end chambers, the water channels, and the cooling fins are made of copper and are a unique selling point worldwide. No other manufacturer uses pure copper for all these components. As a result, Alphacool radiators have been among the most popular and best on the market for many years. The perfect foundation for any water cooling system.

Full cooling capacity
To maximize the performance of a radiator, Alphacool reaches deep into the trickbox. Copper is the beginning. With a thermal conductivity of 400 W/(mK) for copper, compared to 236 W/(mK) for aluminum, the winner in this comparison is absolutely clear. The fin density is aso specially chosen to work for the user. Alphacool is one of the oldest companies in the field of water cooling and has carried out countless tests in the laboratory. The result is a fin density of 15 FPI. This means that the airflow is only slightly obstructed so that the air can move through without high pressure, however, the cooling capacity does not suffer from this. On the contrary. In order to make optimum use of the airflow, all cooling fins have small flaps on them. Some may know these from motorsport or aircraft design. Flaps are tiny wings that direct the airflow in the desired direction. With radiators, these are barely 1 mm high, but still, provide controlled air turbulence to increase cooling performance and minimize flow noise.

New generation of screw plugs
All NexXxoS V.2 radiators rely on the new patented stop fittings from Alphacool. Anyone who has mounted a radiator on the front or in the ceiling of a housing knows that protruding screw plugs can ruin the aesthetic as the radiator cannot be placed flush. Alphacool offers a solution with the new patented screw plugs. They are fully countersunk in the radiator and sit flush with its surface. This means that nothing stands in the way of clean installation. Of course, the radiators also look much more elegant with the new locking screws.

Plenty of connection options
All versions of the NexXxoS V.2 XT45 radiators have two connection options for IN and OUT, one on each side. On the opposite side to the in/outlets the NexXxoS V.2 XT45 radiators now also have a fill or vent port. Of course, this connection can also be used to empty the water cooling loop. In any case, experienced users will be pleased.

The right size for every application
The NexXxoS V.2 radiators are available in all common sizes. From the compact 120 mm ST30 radiator to the 480 mm radiator for those who cannot get enough cooling power. Fans of 140 mm fans won't miss out though as Alphacool also covers all sizes from 140 mm up to the huge 420 mm XT45radiator. And to take the whole thing to extremes, there are ST30 and XT45 versions for all radiators. These differ quite simply by thickness. ST30 stands for a thickness of 30 mm, XT45 for a thickness of 45 mm.

Safety first
The NexXxoS V.2, like the previous NexXxoS radiators, offers special protection that prevents screws from penetrating the radiator when attaching fans or when mounting the radiator to the case. Protective plates have been placed under all mounting holes to prevent the screws from being screwed in too deeply. This protects the cooling fins and channels underneath.

The King is Dead, Long live the King. Those who were happy with the previous NexXxoS radiators will appreciate the many small improvements that the NexXxoS V.2 radiators offer. Now one of the best radiators has been made even better. Your system deserves them.

TYPE 280mm Radiator
FPI 12
DIMENSIONS Width: 143 mm
Depth: 316.5 mm
Height: 45.5 mm
WEIGHT 1.03 kg
MATERIAL Cooper, Steel
User Reviews
  • 1 review
Niklas Budrovcan
insanely high quality
March 27th 2023 Verified user
This is my first dip into open loop cooling and I'm impressed with the alphacool quality here. The finish is fantastic and overall the quality seems outstanding. This is replacing my closed loop 240mm aio for my gpu. I'm interested to see the difference in results.
Review of Alphacool NexXxoS V.2 XT45 Full Copper 280mm Radiator - Black
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$ 123.72