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32GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM 4800MHz CL34 1.10V 262-Pin Laptop Memory Kit 2x16GB by G.Skill

32GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM 4800MHz CL34 1.10V 262-Pin Laptop Memory Kit 2x16GB Image

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Key Features

  • 32GB DDR5 SO-DIMM laptop memory kit, 2x 16GB modules
  • Speed of 4800MHz, DDR5-4800
  • CAS latency of CL34 (full timings 34-34-34-76)
  • 262-pin DDR5 laptop memory, operating voltage of 1.10V
  • G.Skill Ripjaws Series, backed by G.Skill's lifetime warranty
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Memory Speed
  • 4800MHz
  • 5200MHz

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G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM kit is the ideal system upgrade and provides faster data transfer and higher energy efficiency than ever. Experience a new era of speed with Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM today!

A New Era of Speed - Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM
Designed for laptops and small form factor PCs, the Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM memory kit is the ideal memory upgrade, providing faster data transfer speeds and higher energy efficiency than DDR4. Enter a new era of high-speed performance with Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM today!

Extraordinary Performance and Reliability
Constructed with specially screened IC chips and hand-tested with G.SKILL's rigorous and highly selective binning process, each Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM memory kit is built for high performance and reliability.

Revolutionary Performance
Designed to fully utilize the faster frequency speed and boost data transfer rate, each DDR5 IC is implemented with twice the amount of banks and bank groups, as well as a doubled burst length, at 32 banks across 8 banks with a burst length of 16. Combined with a module layout comprised of two 32-bit sub-channels, DDR5 memory is capable of delivering more data than DDR4.

All-New Power Management Design
Each DDR5 memory module is built with an on-board PMIC (power management integrated circuit) chip, allowing better granular power control and more reliable power delivery to improve signal integrity at high frequency speeds. Ultimately, ensuring the highest level of system stability for gaming and for work.

XMP 3.0 Support
Just set and go. Programmed with the latest Intel XMP 3.0 profiles, the only thing between you and extreme performance is a simple BIOS setting.

SINGLE MODULE / DUAL KIT Dual Channel kit 2x 16GB
PACKAGING Retail packaging
WARRANTY Lifetime manufacturers warranty
User Reviews
  • 2 reviews
Ryan Laland
G-skill pull through!
November 16th 2022 Verified user
I ordered these for my 2022 ASUS A15 FA507RR.
Having spoken to ASUS, G-skill and Memory C no one knew if this kit would even work in my laptop at the advertised ratings, even online forums turned up squat. Anyone who used the DDR4 kits will know it's XMP or bust which was rubbish when literally only the top rung MSI laptops allowed such a thing.

Anyhow, I took the risk and ordered them. Fitted them with fingers crossed and much to my delight they run! Not only that but at the advertised specs! I also did a handful of benchmarks before and after going from a generic 16gb stick of DDR5 to these.

Cyberpunk at 1440P mostly high settings DLSS balanced no RT gained 17.75FPS on the average and 21.33FPS max FPS. That is a nice hike in this game. Also got about a 25FPS increase in Forza Horizon 4. Yet only a 9FPS gain in Borderlands 3. You certainly get gains for gaming but milage may vary with each game. Overall, worth the money because those gains are like going up a GPU tier.
Review of 32GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM 4800MHz CL34 1.10V 262-Pin Laptop Memory Kit 2x16GB
John Gill
Accurate info, good filters, shipped fast
August 16th 2022 Verified user
memoryC had the info I needed to confirm what memory I currently had in my machine and I like the filtering options I can use to select the replacement memory.
Review of 32GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM 4800MHz CL34 1.10V 262-Pin Laptop Memory Kit 2x16GB
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$ 112.65