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256GB AData Premier Extreme SD Express Card SDXC PCIe Gen3 UHS-I U3 SD7.0 by Adata

256GB AData Premier Extreme SD Express Card SDXC PCIe Gen3 UHS-I U3 SD7.0 Image

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Key Features

  • Next-Generation Memory Card: SD Express Card SD7.0
  • Performs just like an external SSD, but is much smaller
  • Read speed up to 800MB/sec - write speed up to 700MB/sec
  • UHS-I compatible, V30 Video Speed Class Support
  • SDXC PCIe Gen3 x1
  • Backed by AData's lifetime manufacturers warranty
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  • 256GB
  • 512GB


Revolutionary Performance
With support for PCIe Gen3x1 and NVMe, this memory card delivers read and write performance of up to 800/700 MB/s, which is roughly 1.5 times faster than SATA SSDs. When compared to UHS-II SD cards and UHS-I SD cards, it's about 2.7 and 8 times faster, respectively.

Like an SSD, but Smaller
The Premier Extreme SDXC Express memory card is backward compatible with the UHS-I standard. It can be inserted into digital cameras to take high-quality photos or 4K videos, and then inserted into a PC that supports SD 7.0 for seamless editing or playback. It performs just like an external SSD, but much smaller.

Rated for V30
The Premier Extreme SDXC Express Card supports UHS-I video equipment, with a read and write speed of 100MB/s, and conforms to the V30 Video Speed ​​Class. This means it's fully qualified to work with mainstream Ultra HD 4K video recording applications to help you create high-quality, pro-level content.

Lots of Storage Capacity
With capacities ranging from 256GB to 512BG, the Premier Extreme SDXC Express Card has plenty of space for all your content so you can create without limitations.

Secure, Durable, Reliable
Your data is safe with the Premier Extreme SDXC Express Card. It features error correcting code to ensure data accuracy. What's more, it's waterproof, shock-proof, x-ray-proof, static-resistant, and tested to operate optimally in high and low temperatures.

QuikTips: What is SD Express?
With ever higher quality audio and video content, creators have embraced SSDs with their high-speed access to content and applications on their PCs. SD Cards have traditionally been limited in this regard. With support for PCIe and NVMe, SD Express Cards have overcome these limitations. With PCIe Gen3 x1 (SD 7.0), the theoretical transfer speed of an SD Express Card is 985MB/s. In the future, with PCIe Gen4 x1 (SD 7.0/SD 8.0) a theoretical speed of 1970MB/s will be possible and with PCIe Gen4 x2 (SD 8.0) a theoretical speed of 3940MB/s will be possible.

QuikTips: How does SD Express works
SD Express Cards adopts the latest SD 7.0 specification and introduces PCIe & NVMe support to greatly improve read and write performance. Despite this, the form factor remains the same as ordinary SD Cards. SD Express Cards also support UHS-I and are backward compatible with existing UHS-I SD enabled devices. With their upgrade in performance, SD Express Cards are now comparable to external SSDs in performance with the added benefit of compatibility with SD 7.0 enabled devices.

TYPE SD Express
SD 7.0 Express
TRANSFER RATES Read speed: 800 MB/s
Write speed: 700 MB/s
Depth: 32
Height: 2.1
SPECIAL FEATURES Protection features: Shock resistant, Static proof, Temperature proof, Waterproof, X-ray proof
VOLTAGE 2.7V - 3.6 V
PACKAGING Retail packaging
WARRANTY Lifetime manufacturers warranty
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