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Garmin Map Europe Full Coverage (SD/microSD card) by Garmin

Garmin Map Europe Full Coverage (SD/microSD card) Image

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Key Features

  • Europe Map for Garmin GPS systems
  • microSD card w/SD adapter
  • City Navigator Europe NT latest edition
  • Map data provided by Navteq
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Garmin map of all European countries on a single card. Suitable for the Garmin nĂ¼vi Series, Garmin StreetPilot c3xx & c5xx Series plus the Garmin zūmo series. Map delivered on microSD card w/SD adapter. Latest City Navigator Europe NT 2013 version.

Latest City Navigator NT version (Europe NT 2018) which includes the most recent updates in all regions.

The Full Europe Garmin map includes detailed coverage of all Western European countries and many Eastern European countries. Map data provided by Navteq.

MEDIA microSD card, including full-size SD adapter
User Reviews
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Russell Jenkins
Czech Austria Trip
October 23rd 2017 Verified user
From Downtown Prague to the Southern Chech Rep to the high alpine
Road in Austria to Salzburg to Bavaria and back to Prague
Our Garmin unit from home with this chip worked flawlessly
Not only navigating perfectly but also
warning about speed zones in the villages we drove through preventing
Possible inadvertent speeding violations
It is truely amazing how much thought and effort has gone into collecting and
organizing the amazing amount of data
On that chip
Review of Garmin Map Europe Full Coverage (SD/microSD card)
August 19th 2015 Verified user
Very reasonable export price of Euro85 including registered airmail from Dublin to Singapore for this Garmin Map Europe Full Coverage (SD/microSD card) considering I paid Euro51 [Euro21 went to DHL] for a Garmin Map Italy & Greece P/N 010-10691-05 on the 22nd October 2014. Works well with my Garmin 3597LMT. GoBeyond/MemoryC will continue to be on my preferred vendor list. Thanks to their dedicated, professional and courteous personnel especially one Edna Dowling. Raymond Martin Ho Singapore
Review of Garmin Map Europe Full Coverage (SD/microSD card)
Jean Claude Trottier
Great service
August 28th 2012 Verified user
Well packed, shipped on time, works well with my Nuvi. Too bad these extra maps cost more than half the price of a GPS unit. At least the SD card can be transferred to any device, unlike the download that is locked to one device.
Review of Garmin Map Europe Full Coverage (SD/microSD card)
Paul Becker
February 4th 2011 Verified user
We live in Canada and visit the UK and Europe every now and then.

I have a nuvi 255 and wanted the City Navigator Europe microSD.

Garmin told me that they would not ship a microSD to Canada so I Googled and ordered from memoryc; in stock at a considerable discount from Garmin's list price. I ordered last Saturday: it arrived with the post today (Friday)!

I popped the microSD into the slot on my nuvi 255, entered Glasgow, which the unit found but it gave up on finding a road route after a while. No surprises there.

GREAT SERVICE MemoryC! I'll be back, especially if you stock Garmin's inland lakes maps for Ontario.
Review of Garmin Map Europe Full Coverage (SD/microSD card)
Robert Soule
Great help for driving around Europe
July 27th 2010 Verified user
I own a Garmin Nuvi 350, which is a little obsolete but with the aid of upgrades it performs extremely well. I purchased a Garmin plug and play street maps (Europe) SD card a few years ago and can honestly say it was a good investment. I had several addresses in Europe which I loaded into my GPS at the airport in Frankfurt. After picking up our rental car I turned on the GPS and away we went. The GPS took us to our destination with no problems at all. I am going to upgrade my SD card in August 2010 so I will have the newest information on the European roadways. I could not do without my GPS. If you do any amount of driving on European roads I highly recommend this product, it will save you many headaches.
Review of Garmin Map Europe Full Coverage (SD/microSD card)
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$ 66.56