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Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card) by Garmin

Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card) Image
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Key Features

  • City Navigator NT latest version
  • Delivered on microSD card with full-size SD adapter
  • Ireland and UK
  • Suitable for most Nuvi and Zumo ranges
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Garmin map of Ireland and UK, latest City Navigator NT version. Suitable for the Garmin nĂ¼vi Series, Garmin StreetPilot c3xx & c5xx Series plus the Garmin zūmo series. Map delivered on microSD card with full-size SD adapter.

The Latest City Navigator NT version (Europe NT) which includes the most recent updates in all regions.

Map data provided by Navteq.

User Reviews
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Jonathan Smith
UK trip 2021
November 15th 2021 Verified user
The SD card seems to be working well and arrived in a timely manor. I noticed a blank spot yesterday while driving in London which was a bit worrying but overall it seems to be working well.
It was a blessing getting from Heathrow to my destination after getting off the plane and being tired, driving on foreign roads, foreign car etc. No problems there.
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
John Robinson
Limited Appraisal
April 22nd 2019 Verified user
I have forgotten the day that I ordered this mini (or micro) SD Card with maps of The U.K. & Ireland on it, but it was DELIVERED the day after!!! (How good is service like that??!!) As I am not in England or Ireland at present, I am unable to provide an appraisal of how well (or otherwise) this card works in my Garmin G.P.S.!
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
Chris Mackenzie
Map installed and worked , great service from MemoryC
November 5th 2018 Verified user
I forgot to install EU map when leaving Toronto. Looked up And found MemoryC, they had the chip and available for pickup, handy Office ans had it ready. Great price as well
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
William D Fencil
Garmin Map Ireland + UK
September 27th 2018 Verified user
Excellent price and shipping was faster than I expected. Hopefully the sd card will work when I get to Ireland in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know.
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
Garmin SD card for UK/Ireland
September 18th 2018 Verified user
Great time for shipping and arrived when expected. SD card slid right into the slot and I could go to the map and view addresses. Only downside is it wouldn't give me directions from MI to an address in the UK. :-) Now we just need to get there and see how well it actually works.
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
Sandra Carnegie
Good Price and fast delivery
August 20th 2018 Verified user
I have it loaded and ready to go, I hope it works as good as reviews indicate. Will let you know after our trip to Ireland in October.
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
Cheaper than buying software from Garmin
May 15th 2018 Verified user
Just purchased. Had trouble with chip (thought it was too large for my older Nuvi), but customer service called within 1 hour of my email to help. Found out the micro chip was "inside" the SD chip. Once installed I was able to input "favorites" for our upcoming trip - caution - addresses are different over there than in US! I really think this should work.
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
Debbie D Thomas
Works Great!
March 25th 2018 Verified user
Saved us a lot of money!
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
Phil Railey
Perfect Fit
March 21st 2018 Verified user
The GPS bracket I ordered was. A perfect fit for my model #.
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
John Grafton
Couldn't have navigated with out it
July 8th 2017
Spent one month in Ireland and N Ireland in 2016. This sd in our Garmin nuvi 255w as invaluable in getting us to all our destinations, some very remote. We then loaned it to friends who just returned from Ireland with the same comments...could not have done without it. Now we're off to England and I've loaded all our destinations into the Garmin and looking forward to the same reliable guidance.
Review of Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)
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