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Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card) by Garmin

Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card) Image
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Key Features

  • Garmin map upgrade for Nuvi Series
  • Spain and Portugal Map
  • Latest map version
  • SD/microSD card
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Garmin map of Spain and Portugal, 2019 City Navigator NT version. Includes full coverage of Spanish Canary Islands. Suitable for the Garmin nĂ¼vi Series, Garmin StreetPilot c3xx & c5xx Series plus the Garmin zūmo series. Map delivered on SD card or microSD card with SD adapter.

The Latest City Navigator NT version (Europe NT) which includes the most recent updates in all regions.

Map data provided by Navteq.

User Reviews
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Terry Thorne
Great service
December 13th 2021 Verified user
I emailed concerning compatibility with my Garmin device and received a prompt reply. Placed the order and received it within a week ( coming from the US to Canada). Will not be using it in Portugal 'til February, so cannot comment on that. Overall great service.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Raymond Ferry
July 30th 2021 Verified user
I ordered a 2021 map and received a 2019 map. Not happy with the service although they said I could return it and receive a refund. I Feel that I should have received the correct map, I feel by the time I paid postage to return it I would be more out of pocket so decided to put it down to experience and be more careful to who I purchase from
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Enrico Verdolin
March 25th 2020 Verified user
While I did not travel due to current restrictions, the map had no problems whatsoever finding specic addresses and locatins.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Edward Carlson
portugal SD card
March 11th 2020 Verified user
Received the SD card/micro for my Garmin for Portugal. at the time I am writing now, I have not used yet and will next week. With some confusion on my part I finally was able to get it in the u8nit, hopefully it works as hoped. Have used same product in the past for Ireland and it was awesome, hope this does the same job.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Doug Wells
Spain-Portugal microSD
January 24th 2020 Verified user
Excellent product, great communications on a missed delivery and super fast delivery on the replacement. Would definitely order from MemoryC again.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Judith Price
Super product
January 7th 2020 Verified user
We are absolutely delighted with this product and the price for the maps. We are looking forward to using it on our trip.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
John Norris
Older release
July 26th 2019 Verified user
I have noted that I can download a more up to date release
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
David Elgie
Memory C excellent & Garmin is poor
May 30th 2019 Verified user
Bought the Garmin map for Spain & Portugal and it was defective. I phoned Garmin and they did not care nor would they send a replacement. Memory C stood by the product even though it was months past the purchase time and gave me a credit. Will most certainly buy from Memory C again but Garmin needs to stand by their product and NOT make the retailer fix the problem.

Garmin smarten up and THANK-YOU MEMORY C.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
John Wilson
Garmin Portugal Spain Maps
November 2nd 2018 Verified user
Only tried it in offline mode, but it appears to be accurate. Delivery was fine and it arrived in good condition. Will use this site again.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Marc Payeur
Exactly as described
September 25th 2018 Verified user
We used the it for our entire trip amongst the Azores Island Soa Miguel , Terceira and Graciosa and had not issues
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
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