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Spectec miniSD Bluetooth GPS Receiver SDG-813 + SDP-881 Battery Pack by Spectec

Spectec miniSD Bluetooth GPS Receiver SDG-813 + SDP-881 Battery Pack Image

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Key Features

  • miniSD GPS Bluetooth receiver for PDAs and Smartphones
  • Includes SDP-881 Battery Pack
  • With additional microSD slot
  • Turns PDA into navigation unit
See product description

This bundle includes the SDP-881 battery pack for SDG-813. The Bluetooth GPS receiver usually gets power from the SD slot, but by using the battery pack it is not necessary to insert the unit in the SD socket - simply insert it into the battery pack to avoid taking up valuable space in the SD expansion slot.

The battery pack charges via any USB port (USB cable is not included with this pack).

miniSD Secure Digital Bluetooth GPS receiver with included SDP-881 battery pack for PDAs with a standard microSD memory slot for adding more storage. Used to turn a PDA into a navigation device, by plugging the SDG-813 into the miniSD slot on the PDA.

Works on various devices (PDAs, Smartphones, Notebooks and more) as long as the device has a spare miniSD slot and supports the Bluetooth feature.

The SDG-813 miniSD Bluetooth GPS receiver is a unique product has it has a built-in microSD slot which allows users to add up to 2GB of additional storage capacity (this is particularly convenient if the GPS receiver has been inserted into the only spare miniSD slot). MicroSD cards from 512MB to 2GB are supported (note, microSD card is not included).

Special features:

- SiRF Star III high performance and low power consumption chipset
- Built-in high sensitivity GPS antenna
- LED that indicates if GPS is fixed or not
- Built-in super capacitor that can store configuration data for rapid satellite acquisition
- Bluetooth functionality
- Supported operating systems: Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows XP, Symbian, Linux, Palm and Mac


- Antenna Type: Geohelix GPS antenna
- Chipset: SiRF Start III
- Frequency: L1, 1575.42
- Channels: 20 channel all-in-view tracking

- Position Horizontal: 10 meters, 2D RMS / 1~5 meters, 3D RMS with WAAS, EGNOS corrected
- Velocity: 0.1m/sec
- Time: 1 micro-second synchronized to GPS time

- Datum: WGS-84 (default)
- GPS Protocol: NMEA 0183 (default)
- GPS Output format: GGA(1 sec), GSA(1 sec), GSV(5 sec), RMC, 9600bps
- Voltage: 3.3V
- Power Consumption:
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$ 44.55