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500GB Maxtor DiamondMax 22 7200.11 SATA Hard Drive (32MB cache, 7200rpm) by Maxtor

500GB Maxtor DiamondMax 22 7200.11 SATA Hard Drive (32MB cache, 7200rpm) Image
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Key Features

  • 500GB SATA Hard Drive
  • 7200 rpm, 32MB cache
  • 3 years warranty
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500GB Internet SATA-II hard drive designed for mainstream PCs, office systems, gaming systems and other systems where a good reliable hard drive is required.

Maxtor DiamondMax 22 hard drives follow the Maxtor tradition of delivering well-engineered, reliable storage solutions by adding high-capacity drives to the product line.

DiamondMax 22 hard drives utilize proven Seagate second-generation perpendicular magnetic recording technology to deliver high-capacity drives with features and value that can go head-to-head with any competitor.

DiamondMax 22 drives use the SATA 3Gb/s interface with Native Command Queuing.
FORM FACTOR 3.5" Desktop hard drive
RPM 7200 rpm
DEVICE TYPE Internal Hard Drive
DATA TRANSFER RATES 300 MBytes/sec max
HDD DETAILS 3.5" Maxtor HDD, 2 discs, 4 heads
DIMENSIONS HxWxL: 26.1mm x 101.6mm x 146.99mm
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0° to 60°C per hour max (operating)
–40° to 70°C per hour max (nonoperating)
SHOCK TOLERANCE Operational: 63 Gs max at 2 msec
Non-operational: 300 Gs max at 2 msec
WARRANTY 3 years manufacturers warranty
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