4GB NEON X100 Slim Dual-socket MP3 Player and FM Radio w/microSD slot (Black)

4GB NEON X100 Slim Dual-socket MP3 Player and FM Radio w/microSD slot (Black) Image

Key Features

  • 4GB Slim MP3 player
  • Built-in Flash memory
  • MP3, WMA, MPEG 1/2/2.5
  • Expandable up to 12GB
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This NEON X100 player is a very unique MP3 player from the NEON range. It has two earphone sockets for sharing your favourite music with your friends and it has an extra memory card slot for adding more memory to the player.

Some of the many features of this MP3 player include:

- Dual-socket player, allows you to connect two sets of headphones
- Expandable memory, additional memory slot supports microSD cards (max. 8GB microSDHC)
- 4GB storage capacity, enough to store up to 1100 songs (*)
- Cool rubberised non-slip case
- FM Radio and direct recording from the FM Radio
- Voice recorder
- Arrange music into folders to create unique playlists

The player connects straight into any USB port on a desktop or laptop computer and it supports USB2.0 data transfer rates. This means it is faster to transfer your favourite songs to the MP3 player.

With built-in Li-ion battery, which lasts up to 6 hours on a full charge (continous play, depending on conditions).

Very nice back-lit LDC screen, OLED type. Screen resolution 128x64px.

In addition, the player has lots of other features as standard, such as Lyric Syncronisation, Recording directly from the FM radio, lots of play modes, ID3 tag display and karaoke mode.

By adding an additional 8GB microSDHC memory card to this player it will hold a total of 12GB of music - enough to hold the entire music collection of most people.

(*) = based on 3.5MB per song
User Reviews

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  • 1 review
Damien Conroy
Great while it lasted
June 7th 2011 Verified user
I did really like this little device, but four months outside its warranty it has given up the ghost. In my book that's a good enough reason not to buy.
Review of 4GB NEON X100 Slim Dual-socket MP3 Player and FM Radio w/microSD slot (Black)
Decent, but lacking in simple ways.
August 8th 2009 Verified user
For the money, this player is not bad. I bought it when it was on sale for $30.00 inc shipping. It is small, has good battery life, and is much more like a USB thumb drive than an MP3 player. There are some key features missing however:

* there is no resume playback. when the player is shut off, the first song in the list will be played upon turning the player on for its next use.

* the player does not remember settings. every time the player is turned on, you have to manually choose shuffle, select an equalizer setting, select the mode, etc.

* the UI in general is lacking and not very intuitive. navigation is a pain.

* be careful when wearing polyester clothes as the slightest amount of static electricity will shut off the player.

I honestly would have chosen another player had I known all of this, but for now I guess this will work fine in my car (using the USB connection, line-in would not be worth it at all).
Review of 4GB NEON X100 Slim Dual-socket MP3 Player and FM Radio w/microSD slot (Black)

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