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No more tangled earphones – GEEQ is the answer!

Are you tired of having to untangle your earphones every time you take them out of your bag or pocket? Or to find that somehow, as if just to annoy you, someone has tied knots on your earphones?

Most of us know how annoying this is…. well, this is now a THING OF THE PAST!

Cool Zip-style GEEQ Earphones

Our brand new range of GEEQ Zip Earphones solves the problem in a very noble manner – after use, simply zip them up and you won’t have to spent precious time untangling them ever again.

And did we forget to mention that these are built in an all-metal body with premier speakers – so the sound quality is excellent.

With built-in microphone and playback controls – the GEEQ Zip earphones really do punch above their weight. And they are great value too.

Available in a range of colours: Pink, Blue, Orange, White

And finally – have a look at our Youtube video of these really cool earphones:



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