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Clone Your Drive the Easy Way – Beginner Approved

Cloning your drive may seem either hard or scary for some of us. But it’s neither! Cloning your system is actually fairly easy and can be done using free software.

Clone your drive the easy way

Why clone your drive?

Cloning is a way to copy and backup the entire content of one drive to another. Basically making a perfect duplicate of your drive including all your partitions, software, personal files, preferences…
That means you could just swap your current drive with the cloned one and you’d see no differences apart from its performance if you swap it with a better drive.

What do you need to clone your drive?

To clone your drive, you’ll need another drive and an enclosure for it. If you want to be able to just swap your drives when needed, then you’ll need to match your current drive interface.

You’ll find our full range of SSDs on the link below. (You can sort them using the filters on the left)
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And our full range of enclosure here:
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And then, you’ll need a cloning software. There’s a lot of them out there but we’ll use one called “Macrium Reflect Free Edition” because it is free and really easy to use.

Why aren’t we recommending any external drives rather than the drives+enclosures you ask?

Simply, because using an external drive would take away the possibility to swap your drives unless you’re willing to void its warranty.

And cloning your drive using this software is so easy that it holds on a short 2-minute video below:


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