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New Water Cooling Accessories at MemoryC!

Cooling is an important part of running your computer to its fullest potential. When a computer is producing more heat than can be dissipated, cooling kicks in to save the day. Which is why MemoryC has recently added more water cooling categories for sale including, water blocks, radiators, pumps and reservoirs, fittings, tubing, and liquid cooling kits. These water cooling accessories are great for building your own PC to ensure that it always stays cool. When one part of the cooling system breaks or fails the whole system is affected. At MemoryC you can buy a fitting or pump without having to purchase a whole cooling kit.

Water Blocks

A water block can make the difference between a CPU being properly cooled or not. These pieces are the water cooling equivalent to a heatsink. The water flows through the water block which separates the warm and cold water flowing through.

Check out MemoryC’s water block section where you can pick out the correct model for your needs!


A radiator is a key component when choosing to use liquid cooling on your device. The radiator releases water into the air as it passes through it. The air then goes through a fan where it cools off the CPU or memory. A good quality radiator can improve your overall performance without overheating.

With MemoryC you can choose whichever radiator works best with your PC!

Pumps and Reservoirs

Pumps are an essential part of setting up liquid cooling in your system and we often call them “the heart” of a liquid cooling loop. The pump is what pulls the coolant through so all of the heat can be dissipated. Reservoirs are used to hold extra water and are where the coolant can be poured in.

At MemoryC, we have a great selection of pumps, reservoirs, and pump/reservoir combos to choose from!


There are several different types of fittings that you can use in liquid cooling systems. Fittings are what connects the separate pieces of the system together. When setting up your liquid cooling system you may find that you are only missing one fitting. This is no problem with all of the fitting options available at MemoryC.


  • Fitting
  • Adapter
  • Barb
  • Tube
  • Connector Block
  • Drain Valve
  • Extender
  • Stop Plug

Don’t miss all of the fitting options carried at MemoryC!


One of the most needed products for liquid cooling is the tubing that carries coolant through your system. Tubing can be hard and stiff, soft and bendable, and even light up the room with RGB LEDs.

With MemoryC you can find the perfect tubing!

Liquid Cooling Kits

water cooling kit RGB water cooling kit

When you need it all, MemoryC‘s liquid cooling kits are the perfect cooling bundle. With these kits, you get almost everything you need to perform liquid cooling on your computer. This bundle option will save you time and money by getting all of the essentials in one order. Every liquid cooling kit is different and comes with various accessories for different types of computers and CPUs.

Most kits come with but are not limited to:

  • Water block
  • Pump/reservoir
  • Radiator
  • Fittings
  • Fan
  • Tubing
  • Coolant

Read through the several kits and find the one that best fits your needs!


Want to learn more? Comment below and let us know how we can help.


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