Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card)

by Garmin
Garmin Map Ireland+UK (microSD/SD card) Image
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Key Features

  • City Navigator NT latest version
  • Delivered on microSD card with full-size SD adapter
  • Ireland and UK
  • Suitable for most Nuvi and Zumo ranges
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Garmin map of Ireland and UK, latest City Navigator NT version. Suitable for the Garmin nüvi Series, Garmin StreetPilot c3xx & c5xx Series plus the Garmin zūmo series. Map delivered on microSD card with full-size SD adapter.

The Latest City Navigator NT version (Europe NT) which includes the most recent updates in all regions.

Map data provided by Navteq.

User Reviews

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Douglas Beach
Excellent Product
August 22nd 2014 Verified user
Spent two weeks in UK and Ireland. The Maps were very accurate and made our travels very easy. Bringing our own GPS with purchased MAP was a lot cheaper than paying for the GPS accessory with rental cars. Excellent product.
Peter Dunne
Garmin Map Ireland+UK
August 18th 2014 Verified user
Good value
John Parker
Excellent service
February 10th 2014 Verified user
Excellent service. Item arrived very promptly. Well done indeed.
My only beef is the fact that the product (micro SD card version of UK and Ireland maps) is not what I would really like. I am after a micro sd card full life time version of the UK and Ireland maps to be installed in my Garmin nuvi 2797LMT, whose home maps are lifetime Australia and NZ. Apparently I cannot have full lifetime maps for a different region. This means that when I use my maps in the UK I do not have the full range of services for example lane assist. I have contacted Garmin about this but they have not bothered to reply, even though I have an acknowledgement of receipt of my query.
Adrienne Furgurson
Great Product
October 17th 2013 Verified user
We just returned from a trip to Ireland and the City Navigator worked very well. I was truly impressed at how well done the directions were. We had a few snafu's but that was our fault. We also used a map of Ireland and so sometimes we thought we knew better, but it turns out the Garmin directions were right on. So my suggestion is try not to out smart the Garmin but to let it do it's job. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone going to Ireland,if only for all the roundabouts you will encounter at every intersection.
Charles Rogala
Got Us To Our Destinations
April 23rd 2013 Verified user
Used in Ireland in 2013. For the most part, it worked very well. There was one place it had in its POI, which was not where the Garmin maps thought it was (Kilronan Castle.) Other than that one glich, it was accurate. However, recent changes in roadways can cause conflicts. For example, a roundabout that was rebuilt to be a major intersection . . . if you approached the interesction expecting a roundabout, you may be in the wrong lane to take the road you want leaving the intersection. Also, some work by Garmin to understand the more significant POI's would help. . . example: Newgrange is one of the top attractions, but to see Newgrange, you have to be in a tour, which leaves from the visitor's center. The center is 10 km. away from Newgrange, but the GPS takes you to the site, where you can't enter if you're not on the tour. This happens all the time at Newgrange - there were two of us there when I arrived, who had both been fooled by our GPSs.
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