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NEON IDE to SATA interface converter incl IDE + SATA data and power cables (Horizontal) by NEON

 NEON IDE to SATA  interface converter incl IDE + SATA data and power cables (Horizontal) Image
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Key Features

  • IDE to SATA adapter kit
  • Easily install a SATA hard drive in an IDE socket
  • Includes SATA data cable and power cable
  • Horizontal (straight) design
  • One 7-pin SATA connection
  • One 40-pin IDE connection
  • One 4-pin power connection
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his IDE/PATA to SATA adapter kit makes it easy to use a IDE hard drive in a system designed for SATA hard drives. With one 40-pin IDE connection, one 7-pin SATA connection, and one 4-pin power connection. Horizontal straight design.

Using this adapter kit is a effective way to add a IDE hard drive into a system with only SATA connections available.

No driver or installation CD is required when using this product.

The adapter kit includes the IDE to SATA adapter board, one SATA data cable and one power cable.

Product features:
- Compatible with Ultra ATA 100/133 with Data transfer rate up to 1.5 Gbps (150 MBps)
- Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 specification
- Converts IDE to Serial ATA
- No drivers required
- Supports ATAPI devices such as CD/DVD drives, CD/DVD burners and more
- With no jumpers
- Great for transferring data from IDE hard drive via an SATA connection
- Ideal for business and enterprises using a combination of IDE drives in a SATA interface via this adapter board.
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$ 8.67