480GB OWC Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCI Express Solid State Drive w/ 2 eSATA Ports

by OWC
480GB OWC Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCI Express Solid State Drive w/ 2 eSATA Ports Image

Key Features

  • 480GB OWC Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCI Express SSD
  • Equipped with 2 external eSATA expansion ports
  • Up to 5x faster than standard internal SATA SSD
  • Read speed up to 758MB/sec - write speed up to 743MB/sec
  • Plug and Play - backed by 3 years warranty
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The PCIe SSD drive built for the most demanding needs of video editing and creative professionals.

Boot, Launch, Create, and Save Faster
With its simultaneous internal and external storage performance, the Mercury Accelsior_E2 offers the the best combination of speed, capacity, and connectivity available today.

Stop waiting for I/O-intensive apps like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or Avid Pro Tools to render, capture or process. Start working faster with near instantaneous boots and app launches. And save your work faster than ever before.

The Accelsior_E2 utilizes the PCIe slot in Mac Pros and PC towers, the fastest data interface available, to deliver up to 820MB/s of blistering perfomance. That's nearly 3x faster than an SSD equipped Mac Pro 3Gb/s drive bay, and well beyond 6Gb/s drive speeds.

When your work is completed, transfer it for backup or archival purposes at speeds up to 600MB/s via the two eSATA expansion ports to any external storage device with an eSATA port.

Boost Entry-Level Server and Gaming
In addition to video-editing and multimedia creation / management deployment, the Accelsior_E2 takes entry-level servers and even gaming to entirely new levels of performance.

With up to 100,000 IOPS, business-critical applications like online transaction processing databases are given an instant boost. For gamers, Accelsior_E2's speed dramatically reduces game level-loading, object streaming, and save times for more playing and less waiting.

Efficient, Reliable, and Upgradeable SSD Blades
Accelsior_E2's SandForce Driven™ SSD blades provide a more responsive and productive computing experience with cooler, quieter, and more energy efficient operation compared to standard hard drives. SandForce RAISE™ technology provides RAID-like data redundancy protection and reliability.

And with the future introduction of higher capacity Mercury Accelsior SSD blades, you'll be able to meet expanding storage needs while extending the useful life of your investment.

Easy-to-Install, Robust, & U.S. Built
Accelsior is as easy-to-install as memory a upgrade, yet robust enough to handle the rigors of pro environments.

This game-changing, high-performance upgrade comes backed by a three-year warranty, and is designed and built in the U.S. from domestic and imported parts.

Compatibility listing (note, this is not an exhaustive list):

- PC Desktops. Compatible with Intel / AMD Process based PCs with a spare PCI Express slot
- PCIe capable servers. Compatible with PCIe expandable servers
- Mac Pro Quad-Core (Mid 2010-2012) (July, 2010)
- Mac Pro 6-Core (Mid 2010-2012) (July, 2010)
- Mac Pro 8-Core (Mid 2010-2012) (July, 2010)
- Mac Pro 12-Core (Mid 2010-2012) (July, 2010)
- Mac Pro (Early 2009 Quad-Core) (March, 2009)
- Mac Pro (Early 2009 8-Core) (March, 2009)
- Mac Pro (Early 2008) (January, 2008)
- Mac Pro (8-core) (April, 2007)
- Mac Pro (August, 2006)
- Xserve (Late 2006) (August, 2006)
- Xserve (Early 2008) (January, 2008)
- Xserve Quad-Core (Early 2009) (April, 2009)
- Xserve 8-Core (Early 2009) (April, 2009)

FORM FACTOR Internal PCI Express
DEVICE TYPE Internal Solid State Disk
DATA TRANSFER RATES Sustained Sandy Bridge PC Reads (up to)780MB/s
Sustained Sandy Bridge PC Writes (up to)763MB/s
Sustained Ivy Bridge PC Reads (up to)823MB/s
Sustained Ivy Bridge PC Writes (up to)783MB/s
Sustained Mac Pro Reads (up to)677MB/s
Sustained Mac Pro Writes (up to)686MB/s
Random 4K Read Up to 100,000 IOPS
Random 4K Write Up to 100,000 IOP
FLASH STORAGE DETAILS Tier 1 Major Multi-Level Cell (MLC) High-Performance Sync-NAND Flas
SPECIAL FEATURES Two eSATA Expansion ports built-in
DIMENSIONS 120mm x 20.7mm x 180mm
PACKAGING Retail packaging
WARRANTY 3 years manufacturers warranty
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$ 404.04