GPS Fitness Training Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, training software, bike mount - GH-625XT

by GlobalSat
GPS Fitness Training Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, training software, bike mount - GH-625XT Image

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Key Features

  • GPS Fitness training watch - GlobalSat GH-625XT
  • Includes heart rate monitor
  • Calorie calculation - Bike mount includes
  • Virtual Trainer and Smart Track Back functions
  • Built-in SiRF Star IV high performance GPS chipset
  • Ideal for running, cycling, trekking
  • Training software for analyzing training data
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Fitness GPS training watch for running, cycling, trekking and more. Includes HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) and packed with lots of great features, which are usually only found in high-end training devices from other brands.

GlobalSat GH-625XT model features built-in SiRF Star IV High Performance GPS Chipset. This ensures excellent GPS sensitivity even when running alongside tall building or in partial cover.

Training software included (GS Sport Training Gym) allowing users to analyze training data, play-pack routes, via routes in Google Maps, and upload/download training data to share with other users.

Feature highlights:
  • Built-in SiRF Star III high performance GPS chipset. Excellent sensitivity for fixing the position even at a weak signal status
  • Rechargeable high capacity lithium-ion battery
  • Large easy-to-read LCD
  • Waterproof design (IPX7 standard)
  • Recording of training data per date
  • Can record individual laps per training date
  • Firmware upgradable via the website
  • Supports Google Earth file format
  • Built-in Flash memory for storing training data
  • Calorie calculation. Use the included HRM for the most accurate calculation
  • Software is suitable for Windows systems; Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • Customisable screens, with the option to show up to 4 values on one single screen
  • Electronic compass

Our verdict:

We have tested this product thoroughly and have found it to be an excellent product considering the price point. It packs in many of the high-end features you usually only find on much more expensive products from other brands such as Garmin.

One of the features we really liked is the customisable home-screen. This allows you to select up to 4 of your most-viewed training values and have them shown on one single screen. You could for example show distance, time, heart rate and calories on this screen, saving you from scrolling the menus while training (in our experience, most other training watches do not have this feature, which means you have to scroll the menus to see this information while you train).

The heart rate monitor is very sensitive and does not have to be strapped on very tightly in order to provide an accurate reading - something we like, as other HRMs we have used tend to be quite uncomfortable while training. There is also no need to moisten the HRM as you may have been used to with other products.

The addition of the bike mount is a nice touch. It is a pretty basic mount, but we have tested it and it works - you basically strap the watch on to your handlebar rather than your wrist. Note though, it must be strapped tightly on your bike in order to stay in position.

One thing to keep in mind is that this watch is slightly more bulky than high-end models from Garmin. We have not found the size of this watch to be a problem though, it still weighs only 73g and you barely notice this while training. We have compared this product with the Garmin Forerunner 205 and it is approximately the same size.


The latest firmware and software updates are available to download from the manufacturer website here. Please always read the instructions on how to update the firmware before embarking on this. If in doubt please consult with an experienced IT person. Our recommendation is to not upgrade the firmware unless advised to do so by the manufacturer.

RECOMMENDED USE Running, cycling, trekking
DISPLAY SIZE 24.9 x 39.88mm
UNIT DIMENSIONS 76.5 x 61.5 x 17.5 mm
BATTERY Rechargeable 625mAh Li-Polymer battery
Battery life up to 20 hours (with HRM and backlight off), 15 hours with HRM and backlight on
Charging time from empty to full approximately 2 hours
LAP HISTORY 6400 laps
WAYPOINTS/FAVORITES/LOCATIONS 100 waypoints, 120,000 tracking points
ADDITIONAL FEATURES Firmware upgradable
HRM Heart Rate Monitor
Extended Watchband
USB cable
Bike Holder
Quick Start Guide
WARRANTY 1 years manufacturers warranty
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