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PQI Protective Film for iPhone 6 / 6s - Glossy Blue Light Cut by PQI

PQI Protective Film for iPhone 6 / 6s - Glossy Blue Light Cut Image

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Key Features

  • Suitable for iPhone 6/6s (4.7 inch)
  • Protects against scratches, dust, and dirt
  • Ensures easy usage of the iPhone touchscreen with its ultra-thin construction
  • Special transparent surface protects your eyes from blue light damage
  • Supports iPhone 6/6s 3D Touch feature
  • Remains clean due to its antibacterial properties
  • Heat resistant substance makes film removal easy
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Protect your iPhone 6/6s with PQI Protective Film. The ultra-thin cover keeps the surface of your phone from getting scratched, while still allowing you use the iPhone 6/6s touchscreen. In addition to having a thin surface for touchscreen usage, the PQI Protective Film has a variety of features that create the perfect viewing experience. It even supports the iPhone 6/6s 3D Touch feature.

PQI Protective Film is treated to resist yellowing and has a special transparent surface that protects your eyes from blue light damage. The film also has an antibacterial surface that is smudge resistant so the screen always stays free of debris.

Since PQI Protective Film creates a removable seal with its heat resistant surface, it is essential for anyone with an iPhone6/6s. The heat resistant film is a must-have because it is easily removable and does not leave behind residue, which can causes permanent damage to a phone.

Top quality and design: This product is designed and manufactured in Japan.

KEY FEATURES Protects from scratches, dust, fingerprints
Invisible protection
Easily applied and removed
Does not leave any sticky residue when removed
INCLUDED IN PACKAGE One screen protector
Ultra-thin cleaning cloth
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$ 11.11