MOTA 18-in-1 Ultimate Pocket Tool, Credit Card Size

MOTA 18-in-1 Ultimate Pocket Tool, Credit Card Size Image

Key Features

  • Designed with built-in handy tools for everyday use including headphone wrap, ruler, bottle opener, screwdriver and more
  • Only 1.8 mm thin and less than an ounce in weight, the ultra-thin and lightweight MOTA Ultimate Pocket Tool comfortably fits in your wallet
  • Crafted from 4x heat-treated steel, this multi-tool is made for maximum durability
  • Equipped with the essentials, the MOTA Ultimate Pocket Tool is the hands-on appliance for every handyman
  • TSA Compliant
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$ 12.35
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The MOTA Ultimate Pocket Tool is a revolution for anyone wanting to never be stuck without a tool. This fits into any credit card slot in your wallet so you never need leave your home without this tool.

The unique functions of the MOTA Ultimate Pocket Tool:

9 Convenient Tools for Everyday Use: Headphone wrap, Fruit peeler, Phone kickstand, Inch and centimeter ruler, Bottle, box, can and letter opener
7 Different Types of Heads for Nuts and Bolts: Number 1, Number 2, Number 4, Number 6, Number 8, Number 10 and Number 12
2 Screwdrivers: Flat Tool, Frame repair kit screwdriver for eyeglasses

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$ 12.35