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8GB G.Skill DDR4 Aegis 2133MHz PC4-17000 CL15 Single Desktop Memory Module by G.Skill

8GB G.Skill DDR4 Aegis 2133MHz PC4-17000 CL15 Single Desktop Memory Module Image

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Key Features

  • Single 8GB DDR4 memory upgrade for desktop computers
  • G.Skill Aegis DDR4 is designed for entry-level gaming computers
  • Lower voltage means less heat, reducing your need for active cooling
  • 288 pins, 2133MHz (PC4-17000), full timings of CL15 (15-15-15-35) at 1.2V
  • Built using only hand-tested memory chips and backed by lifetime warranty
  • Great performance at a great price
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Memory Speed
  • 2133MHz (DDR4-2133)
  • 2400MHz (DDR4-2400)
  • 3000MHz (DDR4-3000)
  • 3200MHz (DDR4-3200)

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The G.Skill Aegis DDR4 memory range is designed with entry-level gamers in mind. Aegis DDR4 provides rock-solid performance without all the frills - this is just a great memory upgrade at a great price! This RAM is highly recommended if you simply want to add more RAM, but do not want to spend time optimizing the memory settings manually in your BIOS.

Built using only hand-tested memory chips, you can be sure that every Aegis DDR4 memory upgrade will work perfectly, right out of the packaging. Add to that the lifetime manufacturer warranty that comes with all G.Skill memory, and you have some of the best memory in the world.

Operating at only 1.2V, this Aegis DDR4 memory module not only performs well, it also consumes less power. This keeps your system cooler which means you will have less need for internal active cooling of your system.


MEMORY SPEED 2133MHz (DDR4-2133)
SINGLE/DUAL/TRIPLE Single memory module
FEATURES Hand-tested memory chips
Low-voltage operation
MEMORY TIMINGS 15-15-15-35
TECHNOLOGY 288-pin DDR4 memory module
CONFIGURATION Single-sided 8GB DDR4 memory module
PACKAGING Retail packaging
WARRANTY Lifetime manufacturers warranty
User Reviews
  • 3 reviews
Becky Shafer
January 1st 2021 Verified user
Review of 8GB G.Skill DDR4 Aegis 2133MHz PC4-17000 CL15 Single Desktop Memory Module
Ciaran Gilchrist
Poped it in, PC much better now
November 26th 2019 Verified user
Easy to install on my computer. I just powered off my computer, opened one screw to open the case, slotted in the RAM (random access memory), and rebooted my computer. I had to hit F1 to confirm a RAM (random access memory) change. Computer booted up fine, and is now running faster when I open multiple applications.
Review of 8GB G.Skill DDR4 Aegis 2133MHz PC4-17000 CL15 Single Desktop Memory Module
Michael Johnson
Cost effective memory upgrade
February 21st 2017 Verified user
As a photographer I do a lot of image manipulation/post processing using Photoshop CC. New desktop Acer PC came with 8GB Ram but I prefer to have 16GB to improve workflow. This memory module exactly matched the Ram specification already installed so was the perfect upgrade. Easy to install, true plug and play, operates flawlessly - recommended.
Review of 8GB G.Skill DDR4 Aegis 2400MHz PC4-19200 CL15 Single Desktop Memory Module
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$ 31.95