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RAIJINTEK Themis 120MM Processor Cooler Fan Black by Raijintek

RAIJINTEK Themis 120MM Processor Cooler Fan Black Image

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Key Features

  • Features One RaiJintek, 120mm Active Fan
  • 1500RPM (PWM)
  • Max Noise levels of 24.53dBA
  • 12Volt Power, 65.68cfm Airflows
  • Overall Dimension of 122mm x 55mm x 157mm (WxDxH)
  • Compatible with all modern sockets of Intel & AMD at market
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With RaiJintek a real thunderbolt shattered the hardware landscape. The named Raijin is taken from Japanese culture and religion and treated as the god of thunder with the highest respect. This also applies to the products of the novice. The portfolio can rely on the company's many years of experience and its excellent knowledge as well as an unbridled innovation spirit. "Designed in Germany - Made in China". This is also evident in the combination of outstanding performance, incredibly good price and enormous versatility. The louder the thunder, the stronger the lightning and the one has hit a mighty! 

With the Themis Black, RaiJintek presents a black variant of the tower cooler, which conceptually cuts into the slim-construction division. It achieves maximum compatibility with mainboards and corresponding RAM slots as well as modules.Nevertheless, it offers a superior cooling performance in the mid-range range. This is achieved by the height of the cooler, because with 157 mm, there is an overall large cooling area, which is flooded by three heatpipes. Themis is a member of the supreme gods in Greek mythology, and the Themis Black also incorporates several newly developed and improved technologies worthy of a true Titan. 

The aluminum heat sink is therefore one of the flatest of its kind and thus allows an enormous degree of compatibility. In housings with limited space, the Themis Black is ideally positioned with just 5 cm depth. For this purpose, the heat sink is designed for mounting two instead of only one fan. This provides the opportunity for a future upgrade to increase airflow and cooling performance. The copper heatpipes rely on the design mentioned by RaiJintek CDC technology with direct contact to the CPU. This means that waste heat is removed even more effectively. 

The elegantly designed lamella connection with the heatpipes, as mentioned above, does without the soldering of the individual layers and presses instead instead. On the one hand, this measure minimizes the risk of damage to the heaters and increases the efficiency of the heat emission, on the other hand, a much lower environmental impact is created, and the Themis Black is fully manufactured according to Green IT. 

The chic looking black fan is a 120mm model with a 4-pin PWM connector and a gigantic maximum airflow of 133.2 m³ / h. It can be controlled by the mainboard, the automatic adjustment is controlled according to the power requirements and the Themis Black can be whisper-quiet, if necessary, but also generate maximum cooling power. The fan is attached with vibration-damping pins instead of clamps. Four additional pins allow the installation of a further 120-series fan. 

Every current socket and thus all suitable CPUs can be used by Themis Black thanks to the mounting kit. The very easy to install installation is very user-friendly and explained in an included manual. 

- Non-Copper base design (C.D.C. - CPU Direct Contact);
- Patented pressing heat-pipe/fin technology to prevent the risk of heat-pipe damage;
- Patented solder-less louver fin assembly to increase heat-pipe ventilation;
- Green & environmentally friendly with less pollution;
- Compatible with all modern sockets of Intel & AMD at market;
- Anti-Vibration rubber used to minimize movement and noise;
- Large dissipating area & elegant fin design;
- Easy installation and user friendly.

SOCKET COMPATIBILITY Socket AM2, Socket AM2+, Socket AM3, Socket AM3+, Socket FM1, Socket FM2, Socket FM2+
AIR FLOW 65.68cfm
TYPE Cooler
DIMENSIONS 4.8in x 2.1in x 6in
WEIGHT 0.86kg
COLOR Black, Copper, Metallic
WARRANTY 1 years manufacturers warranty
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$ 37.99