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Corsair MM100 Mouse Pad - Black by Corsair

Corsair MM100 Mouse Pad - Black Image

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Key Features

  • Mouse Pad from Corsair
  • Provides superior control and precision tracking for gaming accuracy
  • No-slip base
  • Black color
  • Cloth surface
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The MM100 Cloth Mouse Pad is the ultimate partner to high-DPI gaming mice. The optimized textile-weaved surface design gives superior control and precision tracking for absolutely lethal in-game accuracy.

Traction and Control
The non-slip rubber base ensures secure placement, making MM100 Cloth Mouse Pad sturdy and reliable, no matter your mouse movements.

Room to Play
The MM100 is spaciously sized at 320mm x 270mm with 3mm thickness to ensure a maximum surface area with long play comfort.

DIMENSIONS 12.00" x 2.30" x 2.30"
BASE Non-slip base
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