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Asus ROG GM50 Gaming Mouse Pad - Black by ASUS

Asus ROG GM50 Gaming Mouse Pad - Black Image

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Key Features

  • Black gaming mouse pad
  • Tactile, textured surface enhances optical or laser mouse sensor accuracy and
  • Ideal dimensions, including a 3.5mm thickness tailored for gaming comfort
  • Cable loop to ensure mouse cable doesn’t get tangled
  • Multi-layer anti-bacterial coat eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria
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ROG GM50 mouse pad is made of a special-weave premium cloth with a lab-tested low-friction coat designed to improve on the tracking capabilities of any optical or laser mouse.
At 3.5mm thick, it is tailored to be comfortable for gamers and also features a non-slip rubber base that secures it to any surface. The GM50 mouse pad features the classic ROG colors and a unique polygonal corner design that prevents fraying. There is also a cable loop to ensure mouse cables don’t get entangled in the heat of battle. A multi-layer anti-bacterial coat also helps eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria.

The perfect gaming mouse pad
Enhances mouse sensor accuracy and precision
special-weave construction features paralleled grooves that increase mouse accuracy and precision.
Low friction surface
Use of premium cloth provides a low friction surface for smooth mouse control.
Designed for long periods of gaming
Non-slip base
High quality non-slip rubber base secures the mouse pad in place. The maximum anti-slip capability is up to 0.7 (Pmax+ Pmin)/W . 
Increased comfort
3.5 mm thick design cushions hands without hindering mouse control
ROG inside out
Unique polygonal corner design
Echoes the ROG eye logo.
Durable anti-fray sewing metho
Red thread is used so that the GM50 features the ROG red and black color scheme. A anti-fray sewing method is implemented, with a density of 11pins/cm on both the upper and lower sections.
Smart design is the key to winning
Classic ROG colors
Classic ROG colors and ROG logo 
ROG wrist band 
Roll up the mouse pad with the bundled ROG wrist band
Cable loop 
Makes sure you mouse cable doesn’t get tangled

DIMENSIONS 15in x 11in x 1in
SURFACE Fabric, Rubber, Silicone
BASE Rubber
COLOR Black, Red
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