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der8auer Intel 9th Gen OC Frame by der8auer

der8auer Intel 9th Gen OC Frame Image

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Key Features

  • Practical tool for CPU use without heatspreader
  • Safe installation to maximize cooling performance
  • Made of high quality aluminum in anodized black
  • Only compatible with Intel 9000 series CPUs and LGA-1151-v2 socket
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The der8auer Intel 9th Gen OC Frame replaces the Intel ILM (Integrated Loading Mechanism) on the motherboard, opening up completely new possibilities for extreme overclockers to professionally overclock their CPUs, with a processor cooler that does not interfere with the Integrated Heat Spreader ( IHS ) and sits directly on the chip of the CPU.

German Engineered Perfection - Developed by overclocking world champion der8auer

Roman "der8auer" Hartung (pronounced "der Bauer") is a studied mechatronics engineer (B.Eng.), Hardware enthusiast and professional overclocker from Germany. He has been active in the extreme overclocking scene for many years and has set countless groundbreaking world records during this time. He is always keen to tease out the last drop of power from any high-end hardware.

The outer edge of the 8 ohm OC frame is only about 0.1 mm below the silicon chip itself, effectively protecting the latter from tilting of the CPU cooler and hence damage. The black anodized coating also isolates the aluminum of the OC frame, which makes it no longer electrically conductive. As a result, the 9th gene OC frame can safely rest on the upper contacts of the CPU. For mounting, the socket holder (retention module) of the Intel socket must be removed and the OC frame is screwed with the original screws to the standard backplate of the mainboard. 

Warning: Removing the CPU heatspreader and the mainboard socket holder (Retention Module) is at your own risk and you assume the risk of complete loss of the manufacturer's warranty and service!

Compatibility Note: Without the built-in heatspreader, the mounting height of the CPU cooler will be slightly reduced, which means that those with an unalterable mounting height can no longer be mounted. It is therefore essential to check before installation that the cooler to be used can also be used at a lower mounting height.

TYPE Mounting Frame
Torx key
WARRANTY 1 years manufacturers warranty
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$ 38.98