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StarTech 6FT HDMI to VGA Active Converter Cable Adapter by StarTech

StarTech 6FT HDMI to VGA Active Converter Cable Adapter Image
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Key Features

  • 6FT HDMI to VGA active converter cable adapter
  • Hassle-free installation enables HDMI to VGA with no additional video cable required
  • Reduces clutter in your classroom or workstation
  • Supports video resolutions up to 1920x1200
  • Backed by a 2 years manufacturers warranty
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Eliminate adapters, by connecting your HDMI source directly to a VGA monitor/projector using this 6ft adapter cable. The HD2VGAMM6 6ft HDMI to VGA converter cable lets you connect your HDMI equipped Chromebook, laptop or desktop to a VGA monitor or projector, with no additional adapters or cables required.

The converter cable saves you the hassle of combining an HDMI to VGA adapter with a bulky VGA cable by providing an end-to-end solution for connecting your digital HDMI computer to your VGA monitor or projector.

Unlike most HDMI to VGA adapters which require a power outlet to convert the video signal, the HD2VGAMM6 doesn’t need external power in most installations. To work with Mac computers where extra power is needed, the HD2VGAMM6 features an optional integrated USB power source (USB cable not included), which makes connecting a display to your desktop or workstation that much easier, if additional power is required.

In the past, converting digital HDMI to analog VGA was a difficult and expensive task. Now, you can avoid upgrade costs by connecting your HDMI video source to your existing VGA monitor or projector using the HD2VGAMM6. Plus, because the adapter cable supports video resolutions up to 1920x1200 or 1080p, you can rest assured you can use your existing VGA display while maintaining high-definition video quality.

The HD2VGAMM6 converter cable delivers a precise 6ft connection that eliminates the clutter of excess cable length and ensures a tidy, professional installation. For longer shorter installations, we offer a HD2VGAMM3" text="3 ft HDMI to VGA cable HD2VGAMM3" text="(HD2VGAMM3), and longer installations we offer a HD2VGAMM10" text="10 ft HDMI to VGA cable HD2VGAMM10" text="(HD2VGAMM10), enabling you to choose the right cable length for your installation needs.

DIMENSIONS 0.59" x 8.60" x 7.60"
WARRANTY 2 years manufacturers warranty
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$ 40.45