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Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme 1g + Cleaning Kit by CoolLaboratory

Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme 1g + Cleaning Kit Image

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Key Features

  • Liquid Extreme thermal compound - 1g syringe
  • Includes cleaning kit
  • Made of 100% liquid metal
  • Very easy application
  • Thermal conductivity 41 W/mK
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After the outstanding thermal compounds Liquid Pro and Ultra, Coollaboratory presents the next generation of liquid metal thermal compounds with the brand new Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme. It’s made of 100% metal, but it has an absolute new usability and offers an outstanding performance. Due to the paste-like texture the application is very easy now.

The Liquid Extreme is – like all other articles by Coollaboratory – developed and produced in Germany. The new thermal grease offers through its creamy consistency an even easier handling and of course an excellent thermal conductivity.

An important aspect in the development of the new Liquid Extreme was the long-term stability in addition to the ease of use and the high performance. Since the thermal grease does not require any silicones or oils as a carrier, the classic problem of timely desiccation does not exist. Thus, the Liquid Extreme is also suitable for use in absolute high-end systems.

Depending on the size of the Heatspreader, three to four division lines of Liquid Extreme should be applied centrically on the Heatspreader. Then the Liquid Extreme should be disposed slowly and without pressure on the Heatspreader. The Liquid Extreme has a creamy consistency, whereby the application goes very fast. Please pay attention to coat also the edges of the Heatspreaders.

The application is managed within 30 seconds on average.

Please notice that the Liquid Extreme is not suitable with the usage of aluminum surfaces.

WEIGHT / VOLUME 1g (0.15ml)
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$ 9.72