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Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit by CoolLaboratory

Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit Image

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Key Features

  • Liquid Ultra thermal compound
  • Easy application
  • 100% metal
  • Includes cleaning kit
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After the overwhelming success of the Liquid Pro, the new Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra was developed. Of course the Liquid Ultra is also made of 100% metal, but it has an absolute new usability and offers an outstanding performance. Due to the paste-like texture the application is now very easy.

The Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra was optimized for highest performance and optimal usability. The thermal compound consists to 100% of metal, but can be applied very easily with a commercial brush. The processor (Heatspreader) should be cleaned thoroughly before apply the Liquid Ultra, in order to eliminate dirt, old thermal compound or fat.
User Reviews
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Eder Gomez Hernandez
March 16th 2023 Verified user
I loved the product and would highly recommend it.
Review of Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit
Brad Kowalchuk
Best by far
April 4th 2017 Verified user
Wouldn't recommend anything else for delidding a CPU and expect such a huge drop in temperature
Review of Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit
Shipping is very Fast
March 8th 2017 Verified user
It takes 5 days to come to Turkey but it is hard to apply
Review of Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit
fast delivery
December 12th 2016 Verified user
I have tried this paste onto a Pentium 6000 and the result is upper average , it is not high as I expeted though, meanwhile it demands to be very careful and for a laptop it is not quit easy , I would recommend it for a desktop PC rather.
Review of Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit
Lyubomir Asenov
Fast delivery
September 22nd 2016 Verified user
Great product
Review of Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit
Richard Harvey
Cooked my AMD 6100 FX
September 6th 2016 Verified user
Hi I cleaned my AMD 6100 FX with cleaning kit, did a good job, applied the special grease with supplied brush, fitted my new CPU cooler, all secured and rebooted my system. It did not beep or POST all Fans working but no graphics, so I shut down after 60 seconds at the most. Was busy so left it over night, when I dissembled it, there was a pile of black soot like powder (applied grease) and the top layer of the CPU had delaminated showing aluminium and graphite....basically cooked in 60 seconds. Therefore I cannot recommend this product all work carried out with anti static wrist band earthed and by instruction. Not being an expert it could just be CPU cooked ??? But worked fine before disassembled.
Review of Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit
CLU cooler paste
July 25th 2016 Verified user
best of all the cpu cooler pastes i have ever used, along with deliding and applying this paste on the dye and on tim reduced heat by 10c, little hard to apply on copper surfaces, extremly satisfied.
Review of Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit
Best stuff ever
March 25th 2010
This paste is really the best I have ever used! Easy to apply and then this great performance, 8 degrees better then my last silicone TIM. I´m convinced - TIM with liquid metal are much better then everything else!
Review of Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning kit
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$ 12.19