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Noctua NT-H2 Thermal Grease Paste 3.5 g by Noctua

Noctua NT-H2 Thermal Grease Paste 3.5 g Image

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Key Features

  • Thermal grease paste - 3.5 g
  • Operating temperature of -50 to 200°C
  • Up to 5 years usage (on CPU)
  • Non-conductive and non-corroding
  • 1.2 ml (volume), 2.81 g/cm³ (density)
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Weight / Volume
  • 3.5 g
  • 10 g


Based on the award-winning NT-H1
NT-H2 is based on Noctua’s renowned NT-H1, which has received more than 150 awards and recommendations from international hardware websites and magazines. Chosen again and again by overclockers and enthusiast users worldwide, NT-H1 has established itself as a benchmark for premium-quality thermal interface materials (TIMs).

Next-generation performance
Further improving the award-winning NT-H1, NT-H2 uses a new, fine-tuned mixture of metal oxide micro-particles for even lower thermal resistance and reduced bond-line thickness at typical mounting pressures. This allows it to achieve even better performance in most application scenarios.

Easy to apply
Thanks to its excellent spreading properties, there is no need to manually spread NT-H2 before installing the cooler: Simply apply some paste onto the CPU (see instructions for details), put on the heatsink and you’re ready to go!

Easy to clean with included wipes
The 3.5g pack of NT-H2 includes three large NA-CW1 cleaning wipes that are pre-moistened with an isopropyl alcohol mixture and make it child’s play to remove: Simply wipe off the paste from the CPU and the base of the cooler using one of the wipes and you’re done!

Optional NA-SCW1 set for power users
Power users who take off and install their coolers frequently can purchase the optional NA-SCW1 set that contains 20 pieces of the NA-CW1 cleaning wipes, which are ideal for removing NT-H2 from the heat-spreader of the CPU and the contact surface of the heatsink.

Not electrically conductive, non-corroding
While some high-end thermal compounds and pads are risky to use due to their electrical conductivity or corroding properties, there’s no risk of short-circuits with NT-H2 and it’s completely safe to use with any type of CPU cooler, regardless of whether it’s made from copper or aluminium and whether it’s nickel-plated or not.

Excellent long-term stability
NT-H2 unique formula is highly stable over time, even after longer periods of usage. It can be stored at room temperature for at least 3 years and due to the compound’s exceptional curing, bleeding, dry-out and thermal cycling characteristics, it can be used on the CPU for 5 years or more.

No break-in or burn-in required
Some thermal compounds need a longer break-in period or cure time until they reach their full performance and some thermal pads must undergo a dedicated burn-in process. By contrast, NT-H2 is ready to go right away and doesn’t require any special preparations.

3.5g package for 3-20 applications
Sufficient for around 3-20 applications (depending on the size of the CPU or GPU, e.g. around 3 applications for large CPUs such as TR4 and around 20 for small CPUs such as LGA1151), the classic 3.5g packaging size is ideal for most users who only install coolers every now and then.

DENSITY 2.81 g/cm³
User Reviews
  • 3 reviews
Amazing paste
December 22nd 2023 Verified user
This is just an amazing paste, one of the best ones out there (other top ones are PK-3 and TFX) - excellent in every way for both laptop and desktop pc applications.
Review of Noctua NT-H2-10 Thermal Grease Paste - 10 g
Naas Houssame
Excelent product
November 4th 2022 Verified user
Temps drop more than 7c.
Review of Noctua NT-H2-10 Thermal Grease Paste - 10 g
Yavuz Karanfil
Noctua is Cool
March 18th 2021 Verified user
Great product thank you. Easy to use got all the info you need.
Review of Noctua NT-H2-10 Thermal Grease Paste - 10 g
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