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Kensington Comfort Gel Mouse Pad w/Wrist Rest - Black by Kensington

Kensington Comfort Gel Mouse Pad w/Wrist Rest - Black Image

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Key Features

  • Comfort Gel Mouse Pad w/Wrist Rest attached
  • Gel padding
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Ideal for home or office
  • Backed by Kensington's 1 year manufacturer's warranty
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The Comfort Gel Mouse Pad provides extra support and comfort for using a mouse or writing. The gel pad conforms to the natural contours of your wrist and minimizes pressure on your hand and wrist so you can be productive for longer periods of time with less aches and pains. A non-skid base ensures the pad stays in place while you’re navigating around the screen with your mouse.

Gel Padding
Soft cushioning adapts to the natural curves of the wrist for premium comfort and support, taking pressure off your joints which is especially important during extended periods of usage

Non-Skid Base
Special surface helps keep the mouse pad firmly in place, providing better stability and performance as you move the mouse around while navigating

BASE Non-slip rubber
SPECIAL FEATURES Wrist rest attached
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$ 26.10