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Trust GXT 760 Glide RGB Gaming Mouse Pad by Trust

Trust GXT 760 Glide RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Image

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Key Features

  • 268 mm x 355 mm x 10 mm
  • RGB LED lighting
  • Hard micro-textured surface
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Ideal for gamers
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Light up your gaming setup

The Glide mouse pad’s edges and logo feature built in RGB LED lighting which can be tuned to perfectly fit your gaming setup. Simply control the lighting without installing any software, and select either the rainbow wave option, colour cycle or one of the 7 fixed colours.

Pixel precise tracking

The hard micro textured surface of the Glide gaming mouse pad ensures ultra-low friction. Every mouse movement, no matter how small, is perfectly translated into cursor movement. Regardless of what gaming mouse or settings you use, as the mouse pad is designed for both optical and laser sensor mice.

All the space you need

The Glide RGB mousepad is not just looking great, it also makes you look great while gaming! The large 350 x 250 mm surface area provides all the space you need for a sweeping victory. The non-slip rubber base keeps the mouse pad in place even in the hottest battles, allowing you to focus on your gaming instead of your gear.

DIMENSIONS 268 mm x 355 mm x 10 mm
SURFACE Hard micro-textured
BASE Non-slip rubber
COLOR Mouse Pad: Black
Base Lighting: RGB
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