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Allsop Ergonomic Slanted Wrist Rest - Blue by Allsop

Allsop Ergonomic Slanted Wrist Rest - Blue Image
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Key Features

  • Ergonomic Slanted Wrist Rest - Blue
  • Adjustable 7-degree angle
  • Ideal for both hands
  • Relieves stress on wrist
  • Great for office and home use
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The main cause of ergonomically related injuries (you know, carpal tunnel sydrome…) is repetitive motion. That’s sort of the reason they also refer to those injuries as repetitive stress syndrome. Anyway, a good example is holding your wrist at the same angle as you mouse/browse the Internet for 8 hours straight. Sure you might be “researching” but it’s still browsing the Internet.

A great way to keep browsing and prevent the pain and soreness is to vary the angle of your wrist when you use a computer mouse. At a sleek 7-degree angle, the Wrist Aid gives you a slanted surface to mouse on. By rotating the mouse pad on your desk throughout the day, or maybe just during the periods of high mousing activity, you will avoid keeping your wrist at the same angle all day, and thus reduce the affects of the repetitive stress associated with mousing.

All of that, and the perfect mousing surface Allsop is famous for. You know… It’s smooth, but not too smooth, soft, but not too soft.

DIMENSIONS 228 mm (D), 7-degree angle
SPECIAL FEATURES 7-degree angle
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