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Kensington ErgoSoft Wrist Rest - Black by Kensington

Kensington ErgoSoft Wrist Rest - Black Image

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Key Features

  • Relieves repetitive strain on hands
  • Gel padding
  • Non-slip base
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for home and office
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Ultra-Soft Feel

The premium exterior is supported by gel-cushioned padding to provide unmatched quality and comfort. Offering the softest materials available, this wrist rest resists sticking to your skin and easily wipes clean. 

Ergonomist Approved

Designed with ergonomist input and approval to provide you with optimal health, comfort and protection through proper alignment, tailored dimensions, and a unique curve design, the wrist rest helps minimize the impact of repetitive strain on your hands. Combining unmatched softness with ergonomic science, it’s perfect for work and play. 

Professional-Level Design

Provides functional and sophisticated low-profile elegance. Non-skid rubber backing keeps the rest from slipping whether you’re working or gaming.

BASE Non-slip
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$ 34.98