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NGS Owl Ural 5MP HD Car Video Recorder / Dash Cam by NGS

NGS Owl Ural 5MP HD Car Video Recorder / Dash Cam Image

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Key Features

  • NGS Car video recorder / dash cam with built in microphone
  • Built-in Lithium polymer battery 200mAh
  • Supports Micro SD card (not included)
  • Features: Night Vision, G Sensor, Parking Monitor, Motion Sensor
  • 5MP 120º 4G lens
  • Covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty
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The point of a Dash Cam is to protect you in the event of an accident in which you may be involved. This device records a variety of data from inside and outside of the vehicle and stores it for a period of time.

NGS launches a compact, high-resolution HD 720p Dash Cam, with large 120º angle and night vision to make you feel safer.

Equipped with a 4G lens, includes a 2-inch screen, and offers 720-pixel resolution (up to 1080p interpolated). Its image quality is clear and clear, and it can capture a multitude of details.

NGs Owl Ural covers a wide field of vision thanks to its 120-degree angle that allows to capture a large coverage of the road around the driver.

This compact dash cam is installed in the dashboard of the car thanks to its suction system. The suction cup allows to remove, attach, and move the camera in a simple way. Its 360-degree rotation system permits to focus it in the optimal position.

Connecting NGS Owl Ural is as simple as inserting the included car adapter into the 12/24V cigarette lighter socket. It also incorporates an internal 200 mAh lithium polymer battery that can record while the car is not running, within a 15 minute range.

The dash cam has the following characteristics:

Loop recording on a dash cam allows for continuous recording even if the SD memory card reaches full capacity. This means older files are overwritten once the SD card reaches its file size limit. The Dash Cam will be recording on a continuous loop when powered on, so will always be recording.

Therefore, is recommended to install an up to 32gb Class 10 Micro SD card. You can cancel this function or select the recordings times.

Night Vision this feature can be very useful for some drivers who must use the car at night, when accidents are more frequent. This allows you to identify details in low light situations.

The G Sensor will also trigger to protect any recording currently in progress. If a pre-determined threshold of force is exceeded, the dashcam will block the video and the important files will not be removed by loop recording.

Parking Monitor, only when you activate this option recording is done while your engine is off and your car is parked. If an impact or motion is detected by the camera, it will wake up and start recording.

Motion Detection, if the car is running and recording and you stop the vehicle at a traffic light, stop sign, etc. the camera stops recording until you restart.

DISPLAY 2” screen
MICROPHONE AND SPEAKER Built in microphone
RESOLUTION/FRAME RATE 720px resolution (up to 1080px interpolated)
BATTERY Lithium polymer battery 200mAh
POWER SUPPLY Car charger 12/24V
IN THE BOX Owl Ural video recorder
Car charger 12/24V
User's manual (16 languages)
2 years warranty card
PACKAGING Retail packaging
WARRANTY 2 years manufacturers warranty
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$ 26.50