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Alphacool HardTube 16/11mm 90° Borosilicate 20/40cm Glass by Alphacool

Alphacool HardTube 16/11mm 90° Borosilicate 20/40cm Glass  Image

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Key Features

  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Pre-bent 90 Degrees
  • Transparent
  • Inner diameter: 11mm (7/16)
  • Outer diameter: 16mm (5/8")
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Borosilicate glass ticks every box on the checking list for watercooling systems. Stability and a brilliant appearance are not the only qualities that should lead to choosing this glass as even most chemicals and temperature fluctuations can not harm the borosilicate glass. The whole chemical industry is depending on this glass and we can certainly say that this is not without reason.

All glass tubes are compatible with the Alphacool HardTube connectors. Alphacool currently offers two classical sizes. One tube with a 16mm outer diameter and another with a 13mm outer diameter. Further different lengths with 90° angles are introduced as it is not possible to personally deform these tubes.

To cut the tubes for the preferred length Alphacool recommends using a diamond cutting disc for the Dremel®.


TYPE Glass Tubing
MATERIAL Borosilicate glass
COLOR Transparent
OUTER DIAMETER 16mm (5/8")
INNER DIAMETER 11mm (7/16)
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$ 23.46