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3 Great Logitech MX Alternative Choices for Basic Computer Usage

If you are looking for a Logitech MX alternative, you’ve come to the right place.

A Logitech MX series mouse is what you need to increase workplace productivity if you spend 24/7 in front of a computer doing work that requires a ton of mouse clicks. (Personally, I have owned the Logitech MX performance for the past 5 years. It still works well, and I don’t go anywhere without it).

However, if you are just doing basic web browsing and general tasks, a cheaper option may be a better fit. Below, you’ll find 3 computer mice that have Logitech MX features without the extra bells and whistles. These computer mice are ideal for general everyday computer use and will allow you to perform tasks with ease.

Logitech MX alternative #1: Logitech 705 Marathon Mouse

Logitech mx alternative 4

Logitech 705 Marathon has a been a long-running favourite among computer users’ due to its size, shape, and smooth movement. While Marathon has stellar ergonomics, it’s also a great choice because of its affordability.  At an affordable price point, Marathon connects fast and has a sensor that tracks well on most surfaces.

The ergonomic mouse also has a scroll wheel button and 5 programmable button settings. In addition to the 5 programmable button settings, Marathon computer mouse connects via a wireless USB connection and has rechargeable batteries.

Overall, this mouse is a great option for anyone looking for a cheaper, more simplified version of Logitech MX.

Logitech MX alternative #2: Logitech M510

Logitech MX Alternative .1

Logitech M510 is a right-handed mouse and a wonderful alternative to the Logitech MX series too. It features several programmable buttons that make it an awesome value. The buttons can be programmed to various shortcuts, which can reduce the time it takes you to perform day-to-day computer operations.

While programmable buttons make the M510 a great Logitech MX alternative, laser optics make it great for handling work on just about any work surface.

Logitech MX alternative #3: Logitech 330


Logitech mx alternative. 5

If hearing mouse clicks bugs you to death, you’ll love Logitech 330. The quiet operation challenges more expensive Logitech MX series computer mice. Likewise, Logitech 330 has a great ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use for hours at a time. Ergonomics and silent operation make this computer mouse a great option for basic computer use.

The only downside to Logitech 330 is at it just has 3 programmable buttons. This, however, shouldn’t be a big deal if you are just performing basic tasks.

Hopefully, one of these computer mice will be just the right fit for all of your needs. Please, join us on social media, share, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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