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Wire Transfer (USD payments)

The total amount on the order should be transferred to our bank account without delay and latest within two days of placing the order. Please quote the order number on the wire transfer to help us identify the payment without delay.

Payment should be transferred to the following account:

  Bank:Bank of America, 6000 Fairview Road, Suite 1500, Charlotte, NC 28210, USA
  Account: MemoryC Inc., Ste #200, 8008 Corporate Center Drive, Charlotte, NC 28226, USA
  Account Number: 237025445471
  ACH Routing Number: 053000196
  Wire Routing Number: 026009593
  Swift code: BOFAUS3N

Orders will be shipped as soon as payment has cleared into our bank account.

No fee is applied by our company when paying into our bank account, but customers should make sure that all bank charges are paid by the customer. Banks often deduct a fee from incoming payments and it is important that customers pay all related bank charges so that we receive the full amount to our account.


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